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Peacemaker is a collection of inventive, experimental songs

brought to life by Los Angeles based artist Dominique Matelson’s 

astonishing vocal range and exquisite control. On the album opener ‘As Ever’, Dominique’s deft, careening sfogato tightly hugs the blazing twists of a distorted, droning synth riff. Then the mood 

changes, giving way to a gently swaying melody sung in a deep

and resonant chest voice. Loose comparisons may be drawn to 

Nina Hagen, Josephine Foster, Micaela Tobin and even Diamanda Galás — composers drawn together by both artful experimentation and exceptional vocal prowess. Peacemaker is a worthy addition to this lofty canon; a self-released treasure that draws together the very best elements of extended vocal technique and idiosyncratic bedroom pop.”


-Emily Pothast, The Wire Magazine 2019 Excess All Areas 


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