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Peacemaker, 2019.

Mixed and mastered by Sean Draper at Mateo Sound in Downtown, Los Angeles

Written and composed by Dominique, Peacemaker explores the process by which internal reflection projects onto the physical body and world, and the way that perception of the physical world shifts according to emotional changes. Dominique expresses both joy and longing, balancing meditations on the terror and inescapable grip of aging and death with the determination to not succumb to debilitating thoughts which detract from everyday curiosities. The unique vocal range exhibited in Peacemaker and the skillful use of disparate musical styles show the tension between the artist's anxieties and the recognition that she herself is both the only catalyst and the only shield for these thoughts. 

It's in the Morning I Feel Loneliest, 2017.

Mixed and mastered by Dylan Marx

Written and composed by Dominique, It's in the Morning I Feel Loneliest is the artists' first full length album. The nine track record is filled with ethereal crooner folk ballads drenched in watery vocal layers, giving way to a specific style and theme Dominique carries out in later work.  

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